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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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coating to an inch in some places. steve: developing news. the pentagon says two u.s. navy boats are being held with iran with 10 sailor being detained. u.s. officials say one of the boats had some type of mechanical problem that caused them to run aground. officials have been in contact with iran and have been assured that the two vessels and 10 crew members will be returned safely and promptly. dari: a fifth suspect is in custody in the suspected gang rape of a teenage girl in brooklyn. steve: jen lahmers is live in downtown brooklyn where they're facing a judge. >> reporter: steve and dari, several of the suspects are being arraigned this evening. we did see a couple of their family members walking into court. they did not speak to media. they are expected to plead not guilty because they claim the sex was consensual. i suppose the biggest news out of today was a fifth suspect has
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right now he's at the svu. this is happening as extremely disturbing details are coming out this evening about what happened moments before that attack. attack. >> what do you have to say for yourselves? >> police escorting three teens from the special victims unit, hiding behind hooded sweatshirts were the 14-year-old and 15-year-olds, all charged with first-degree rape. the fourth suspect, a 17-year-old, has been arraigned and a fifth man, a 17-year-old, was picked up this morning and is being questioned. it all surrounds the brutal gang rape of an 18-year-old woman on thursday night at osborne park in brownsville. police say the victim was drinking with her father before five men walked up to them, pointed a gun at the dad and told him to leave. >> thursday night we spoke to her at kch. she gave a very credible report to us. she was injured.
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she was traumatized. >> in a disturbing development, there were reports two of the teens told police that as they approached, they saw the victim and her father engaging in sexual intercourse. >> we got that information from two arrested. we're investigating that and other things. >> reporter: since the attack, questions have been raised about how long it took police to notify the public. mayor bill de blasio admitting today the system that usually case. >> in this instance, that process did not work properly. i should have been informed certainly on friday and we've all had that conversation. this was a horrific crime and a very unusual crime and i should have been informed more quickly. >> reporter: the fifth teen is being identified as travis dex
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he'll be arraigned later this week. jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. steve: thank you. a manhattan man found naked and sleeping on a couch in a long island doctor's office is under arrest for attempting to kidnap a baby boy. he approached woman, pushing a toddler in a stroller yesterday baby. the sitter went inside the home with the child, locked the doors, but police say the suspect attempted to open the door and left. he's facing a number of charges, including attempted abduction and burglary. dari: a woman is accused of keeping two children from south korea in her home as slaves for six years. authorities say sook yeong park forced the brother and sister to do household chores and made them work at a grocery store while she kept the profits. the children are now 14 and 16. an assistant principal noticed bruises on the girl's legs and alerted police.
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including child endangerment. steve: new york city will have specialized gun courts. two courtroom in brooklyn will be dedicated to dealing with gun cases, part of his system to deal with gun related violence. this comes after police officials complained some gun carrying suspects were not being kept behind bars after being dari: at least 10 people have been killed by an isis suicide bomber in istanbul, turkey. steve: as dan bowens tells us, it is the latest in a string of terror attacks targeting >> reporter: the explosion going off inside a park near istanbul's historic blue mosque, tourists. turkish officials blaming the bombing on isis. >> i express my condolences to those who were killed and hope for a quick recovery for those who are wounded. >> reporter: at least 10 are dead.
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tourists from germany. angela merkel speaking at a news conference in berlin. >> istanbul was hit. paris was hit. tunisia was hit. today international terrorism has shown its ugly face again. >> reporter: turkey was hit by two major isis bombings last year, including an explosion near the syrian border and an attack at a maine train station. >> we need to stand in solidarity, as one, as a nation against terror attacks. >> reporter: the jihadi fighters carrying out a deadly attack at a mall in iraq this week. coalition forces have claimed victories against the terrorist group recently, including taking back the city of ramadi, arizona senator john mccain is critical of the obama administration's response to the crisis. >> this is the first time a terrorist organization has had a territorial base with which to operate, train, equip, send out
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even set up bomb factories. >> reporter: foreign policy experts say turkey may be a target because of its role in the coalition against isis in syria. it is not believed any americans are among the victims in the latest attack. u.s. cruise ships do not travel to that region during the winter. steve: bowe bergdahl appeared in a military courtroom today. he faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy for walking away from his unit in afghanistan in 2009. a judge is trying to determine how to handle the documents that will be part of the case. dari: president obama preparing to deliver the state of the union address. white house officials say his speech will be less about specific policy ideas for the year ahead and more about setting an optimistic tone for the united states. he will talk about gun control, obamacare and climate change among other issues.
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you can watch it here on fox 5. >> the clerk who went to jail for refusing to issue same-sex marriages licenses will attend tonight. this is kim davis. they're guests of an unnamed republican house member. she spent five days behind bars last summer for defying federal court orders after the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage last june. steve: governor christie taking aim at the commander in chief during his state of the state address in new jersey. dari: sharon crowley shows us how the presidential hopeful tried to reach out to voters beyond the garden state. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie started his state of the state address, poking fun at himself and critics who complain the republican presidential candidate has spent too much time campaigning out of state. >> it's good to be home. >> reporter: the gop hopeful also took this opportunity to take a jab at president obama, who gives the state of the union tonight.
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not be a call to action tonight. it will be a fantasy wish list by a president who's failed us. >> reporter: governor christie touted his accomplishments, saying during his leadership, private sector jobs grew, unemployment fell, and home sales are up in the garden state. the governor vowed to increase his commitment to drug treatment programs. >> the victims of addiction deserve treatment, whether they're in the community or incarcerated. >> reporter: new jersey has the most underfunded pension system in the country. the governor vowed to put money into it, but not as much as some democrats would like. governor christie says to give in to the democrats would mean increased sales tax or an increase in the state income tax. >> they won't tell you now the way to the dark of night in some smoke filled back room and they'll take your money. that's what they're going to do. now, let them see now well in
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their money from them to repay your union bosses. >> reporter: political analyst david birdsell says he gives the address at a time when he's fighting low approval ratings at home as well as struggling to make his mark on the national stage. >> he had low approval ratings going -- new jersey approval ratings going into the presidential campaign. new jersey's problems continue to mount. he spends time out of state. and he isn't polling well nationally. so the question becomes if you're not any longer as plausible a candidate as people thought you were at one time, what are you doing when you should be home? >> reporter: governor christie tried to send a message to lawmakers that even though he is running for president, he is still very much focused on policies in new jersey. dari: thank you, sharon. well, if you thought the rise of uber meant the end of bag seat taxi ads, nope. steve: the new service that could allow uber to send you
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then this: >> i started working in photography, wanted to be a fashion photographer, but realized i didn't want to work with people. dari: the photographer who specializes in portraits of
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steve: uber branching out into content deliver and oil prices continue to drop. dari: alison morris here is today's business headlines. >> reporter: hi. the oil prices really shocking. they keep dropping. just when you thought we hit the bottom of the barrel when it comes to oil prices, the slide is continuing. u.s. crude oil prices dipped below $30 a barrel today. that's the first time that's happened in 12 years. they ended up closing at $30.41. if you think oil companies are too rich for that to affect them, the "wall street journal" is reporting that a third of american oil and gas producers could be at risk of bankruptcy by next year if this continues. bp announcing it plans to cut over 4,000 jobs, linked to oil and gas exploration and production. some of that because of lower oil prices. it definitely is hitting people. amazon running into trouble at one of the warehouses in new jersey. other than a says they failed to report 26 injuries at its
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robbinsville. it's hitting them with a $7,000 fine. that's pocket change. but the applications are serious. bloomberg is reporting employees were exposed to amputation risks and that they weren't given proper protective gear. amazon has 15 days to pay the fine and to make safety upgrades. the big one, uber announcing it's offering users in ride entertainment. they are calling it uber trip experiences. those experiences will allow third party apps to offer riders content that's customizes for their trip. music playlists, news updates, local guides, the ability to control your heat and lights heading home and a lot of ads. if that sounds annoying and you'd rather chill out, it is optional. you have the right to opt in and opt out at any time. a lot of people not excited about that one. they feel it's getting too much like a yellow cab. steve: right. i tend to opt out of anything i can. i'll include that on the list. thank you.
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record 1-1/2 billion dollars. if you match all six numbers, the lump sum cash prize will be $930 million before taxes. the odds of matching all six 1 in 292 million. it could get higher and people rush to get tickets before the drawing. drawing. nick: then you'll lose a third of that to taxes. 1.5 billion, you're down to 600 million. you've got -- steve: give it to me. dari: and still more. yeah. steve: tonight, a first taste of winter weather tonight. nick: it's coming. it's not a big shock here. we're not going to be getting a lot of snow, but snow squalls and snow showers rolling through. a couple of these have the potential to leave a coating to an inch behind. that's more north and west of the city. don't expect much in town. 44, 25 today. we've been above freezing much of the afternoon.
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that's the other concern is that whatever doesn't dry off on the roads with the rain showers in the area and the eventual snow shower, might get a little ice on the roads. there are no advisories for that at the moment, but there is for the wind. record high, 64. that was back in the late 1800's. it was 2 on this date 100 years later. a couple of showers in the area now around the city. it's 37. the humidity at 72 percent with a west wind picking up and the pressure is 29.68. it is holding steady. and as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, you can see a couple of things here. first this band of rain showers again from the city east across long island. it changes to snow as you get into interior southern connecticut towards parts of the hudson valley. it's this line as you go from west of scranton to harrisburg and reading, pennsylvania.
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will be rolling flew -- through the area. so highs today, 40s around the city. 40 poughkeepsie. did not climb out of the 20s in monticello. temperature starting to fade down, but not as much as later tonight after the cold front passes. 36 at poughkeepsie. 31 sussex. you can see down to allentown, we're close to the freezing mark. that's where the potential would be for accumulation on the roads. 30s to lower 40s from the city east. we're up 5 to 10 degrees from 24 hours ago. winds picking up out of the west. we're seeing gusts now, 20 to 30 miles an hour. they'll get worst. gusts could reach 50 miles an hour tonight and 40, 45 miles an hour tomorrow morning to 1:00 in the afternoon. here's the squall line of snow squalls coming through. moves by. not much behind it. midnight hour. north. the cold front will move along. the wind gets in here tomorrow.
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forecast. 20s out the door. teens, suburbs. not above 31 tomorrow. teens. there goes the futurecast. here comes the cold wind with sunshine tomorrow. thursday. sun and clouds. back into the middle 30s. when the front lifts northward friday, back to the 40s we go. snow showers, up to a coating to an inch and clearing tonight. windy, 25 in the city. 15 in the burbs. tomorrow, 31. clouds. there's the seven day. back up to 36 on thursday. sun and clouds friday into the middle 40s. morning sun gives way to clouds. may start raining friday night. next storm comes from the southwest. that will bring rain for saturday through late afternoon at 46. then we turn breezy to windy and colder. 38 sunday, sun and clouds, maybe a snow showers north and west. 32 monday and tuesday despite lots of sun. steve: the temperatures are getting more consistent in the 30 range.
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dari: a popular supermarket chain is getting ready for its grand opening on long island. steve: jodi goldberg takes us inside stu leonard's in farmingdale. >> reporter: the fresh five is raring to go. it takes center stage inside the farmingdale location. the store's grand opening next week marks the first of its kind. >> it's exit 49 off the lie. that was going to be my 49th birthday when we were going to open the store. we've been doing this 13, 14 years. >> reporter: he tried to convince me riding on a cow with a giant asparagus isn't out -- he compares it to the disney land of dairy stores. this cow and lobster are some of what makes it unique. tens of thousands of dollars went into creating the animatronics. it's a big reason why families
5:18 pm
they have more than any other location. they're the classics and a few new ones. >> we have the avocado girls, which is new. they're three singing avocados. we have the salmon show, which is fun, a singing salmon. >> reporter: crews have been working to put the finishing touches on the store. all of the fresh food will be brought in next week. many of the items will come directly from farms and vineyards in the northeast and midwest. >> we only carry 2,000 items, mostly fresh. we're a gross -- >> reporter: there's only one aisle that loops around each department. >> here we are in mrs. leonard's kitchen. we'll have 30 people preparing fresh food. >> people are excited because many supermarkets have been closing. >> convenience is going to be great for everybody. i'm sure they're going to do very well. >> my girlfriend said they have
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>> i work at the airport over here. it's going to be great >> reporter: the opening will provide jobs to 400 long islanders. they're expecting to see around 100,000 shoppers every week. in farmingdale, jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: all right. one photographer glad her career has gone to the dogs. dari: baruch shemtov shows us how she gets pooches to strike a pose. steve: and lions and tigers, oh my. s a place online more than you pay for. work for you... anytime. maxx life!
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dari: cute is cute. and this is an unlikely pair of jungle cats that have become best friends. six flags great adventure in new jersey is raising an african lion cub and siberian tiger cub together in one litter. it's never been done before. so far, the two, well they dig each other. they were born a week apart and rejected by their mothers, so the theme park paired them together to help them develop the much needed social skills to survive. steve: very nice. one photographer in brooklyn only shoots models with fur. dari: baruch shemtov takes us inside her doggie photo shoot. >> reporter: photographer shana fishman started her career in fashion, but she's unleashing
5:22 pm
we're here at her studio to discover a new breed of photography. [music] >> i started working in fashion photography. wanted to be a fashion photographer but realized i didn't want to work with people. i didn't want to work with model. maybe it's my shy personality. i didn't want to have to direct people. with animals, i can direct the person to direct the animal. somehow that works better for me. >> reporter: indirect direction? >> yes. it is. i started photographing my dog in the dog park and really liked the images i was getting. so i got into the studio and started shooting animals. it just clicked. >> reporter: today the clicking continues as she photographs her own cosmo. >> he's very motivated.
5:23 pm
>> and chloe cardogian. >> every dog has a different motivation, a different skill set. you have to figure out what they'll do, how they'll sit still. >> reporter: once she cracks the code, the photos capture them in a new way. with her new book, between two dogs, showcasing pairs of pups. >> the relationship our dogs have, we can see our human relationships with within those. we see love or anger, disdain. >> i threw in one more variable. i know you don't photograph humans, but would you make an exception and let me get involved? >> i will. >> reporter: the result was a positively tail wagging good time. baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. steve: that's great. so many people dream of working with animals. i'm jealous of them. dari: actor charlie sheen says giving up his h.i.v. medication
5:24 pm
>> no question, charlie sheen has changed in a big way. steve: yes. pretty big news. dr. oz weighs in on his surprising choice and what it could mean for his health going forward. dari: and a look inside the mexican safehouse where el chapo hid from police. every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan
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in new york state, we all across the state with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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steve: the pentagon says two u.s. navy boats are being held by iran with as many as ten sailors detained. u.s. officials say one of the boats had a mechanical problem and difficulty and drifted into iranian waters. they've been assured the two vessels and their crews will be returned safely and promptly. dari: if not, we have a big problem. charlie sheen has decided to stop taking his h.i.v. medication. steve: this is incredible. the actor shared his surprising decision during a one-on-one interview with dr. oz. simone boyce spoke with the doctor about sheen's choice. >> there's no question charlie sheen has changed in a big way. >> reporter: it's been almost two months since charlie sheen revealed his h.i.v. positive status to the world and he has entrusted dr. oz with his comeback story. >> charlie sheen spends his days working out and eating right and
5:27 pm
>> i do believe he's scared. he's admitted that and he's humbled. >> reporter: they share a special bond. while the talk show host isn't providing medical care, he is offering charlie a platform and guidance along the way. >> the absolute bottom line is nobody is infected and i told everybody. >> reporter: charlie sheen maintains he is sober and not sexually active. >> i think he told the truth. i've come head to head with him on several big risks i don't endorse. >> i've been off the medicines for a week. am i risking my life? sure. >> he's not taking pills that will give him a normal life expectancy. >> reporter: what's the rationale behind it for him? >> i think charlie is grasping for hope. >> i've been nondetectable and checking the blood every week.
5:28 pm
were up. >> reporter: he received the experimental treatment from a doctor in mexico who stirred controversy over his claims to have found a cure for h.i.v. and aids. >> i'll be talking a lot about him. there are other -- quite a few other celebrities who have gotten care from him. >> reporter: more shocking, the doctor is so confident in his cure, he injected charlie's blood into his own veins to prove the method works. the news horrified dr. oz. on today's show, he tested sheen's blood to see if the mysterious new treatment is working. >> we're not sure about his last level. i just drew the blood on the stage. so i'm waiting for that number to come back. charlie is really focused on finding a cure. i'm focused on finding a cure for charlie. >> reporter: simone boyce, fox 5 news. dari: well, we are getting a look inside the safe house where mexican druglord joaquin "el chapo" guzman hid during his time on the run.
5:29 pm
scattered throughout and the blood was smeared on the walls there. it featured six-foot tall tunnel complete with lighting, wood paneling and a concrete floor that opened into the city's storm sewer. el chapo was captured friday, six months after he escaped from a maximum security prison in mexico where he is right now. steve: the mother of the so-called affluenza teen has been released from jail. tonya couch posted $75,000 bond a day after the judge lowered it from a million. couch is charged with hindering the apprehension of her 18-year-old son ethan, a known fugitive. they were arrested in mexico after being on the run for three weeks. couch must wear an electronic ankle gps monitor and remain at her other son's home. dari: this has been a big controversy. residents of the whitesboro voted to keep their more than 100-year-old village seal.
5:30 pm
some historians and the mayor disagree. they believe it shows a wrestling match. village officials will decide if the seal will stay or -- steve: tonight they decide. the vote was nonbinding. the people said they wanted it. >> today marks six years since haiti was devastated by a massive earthquake. dari: that was massive. this woman this morning, who spent five days buried beneath the rubble, shared her story of survival. linda schmidt has her harrowing tale. >> students at uniondale high school on long island had a very special speaker today to mark the 6th anniversary of haiti's devastating earthquake. she was 24 at the time and working at her hotel job when the quake hit. the building collapsed on top of her, and she was buried for five days. >> the air was dark. i didn't know -- my right hand was stuck somewhere. i couldn't see anything. >> reporter: her mother, in the
5:31 pm
thought of nearly losing her daughter. she survived, but she lost both arms below her elbows. however, she has turned her tragic experience into a positive one, teaching students lessons that they are not learning in a book. [inaudible] >> or anything a person would endure in life, you can be successful. >> reporter: uniondale has a large haitian student population. some of the students came to the earthquake. today's event focused on remembering the more than 200,000 lives that were lost. the haitian culture and the courage it takes to start a new life. >> because it gives the students hope in terms of coming -- immigrating into a new culture, not understanding the language, and being able to assimilate and live a progressive life-style in
5:32 pm
really accomplishing the goals they set for themselves. >> her words made an impact. >> she was brave all the time. you don't have to feel anything. >> reporter: that's right. not to be afraid of anything. as for darlene, she is attending hunter college and wants to become a social worker. steve: thank you, linda. we like to correct something we reported yesterday about the homeless situation. we had said the number of homeless doubled in new york city between 2013 and 2015. what we meant to say was the number of complaints to 311 about the homeless doubled during that time. dari: a guy from brooklyn gave a homeless man the shirt off his back. steve: the good samaritan now speaking out about his act of kindness. dari: and the search for a new hans solo for a "star wars" spinoff. the actors in the running to
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dari: it is the video that has everybody talking from here in new york all the way to the u.k. the brooklyn man who gave his shirt and hat to a homeless man shivering on the subway. it was on our morning show this morning. joey resto telling greg and ro why he helped the man after
5:36 pm
>> as i sat in front of him, i said i have to do more. that's when i took my shirt off. >> why did you take the video? >> it was -- it was crazy, you know. it was crazy that everyone was just looking and not doing anything about it. it was freezing. dari: that restores your faith in mankind. resto hopes he inspires others to do similar acts of kindness. steve: former nfl star eddie george getting ready to tackle the broadway stage in the musical chicago. he says it is a dream come true. >> all the things i've accomplished, having a poster up in times square promoting a broadway show i'm starring in is quiet an accomplishment and is definitely up there with all the football accolades that i've won in my lifetime. steve: really is so impressive. has. he will be playing the role of billy flynn for several weeks. dari: that is cool.
5:37 pm
breaking records at the box office still. steve: that means hollywood is going to keep milking. a movie about a young hans solo is in the works. fans are not happy about the idea of another actor filling harrison ford's shoes. >> hans solo. >> reporter: the world met hans solo in 1977. over the next 39 years, he evolved into perhaps the most popular character in the most popular movie franchise of all time. time. >> i wanted the pants with the blood stripe with the blaster and the boots. i wanted the outfit. >> her room has a picture of hans solo above the bed. >> my bedroom at my mother's has a picture of hans solo above the bed. >> reporter: this husband and wife, dan and sharon, struggle to separate hans solo from harrison ford.
5:38 pm
swarthly attitude. >> when they saw the list of actors to play him, they worried no one could replicate his mastery of t mastery of him. >> reporter: every remake or spinoff, movie studios see recycled worlds and characters as safer investment. >> for the last 10 years, franchises have sold tickets. movie stars don't. properties do. characters do. >> reporter: the senior editor called the spinoff story the biggest risk lucas film could take. >> a lot of people feel there's no young actor that can capture what he did. >> someone leaked the list of those in the running. while they failed to excite dan and sharon, she expressed faith in the team writing and directing the movie.
5:39 pm
that can take an idea on paper that looks terrible and makes it work. >> reporter: i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: a virus suspected of causing birth defects is brazil has been found in the u.s. dari: dr. manny will explain what's being done to prevent the disease from spreading here. and this: steve: winter jazz fest returns. how the show is trying to attract fans of all types of
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steve: the first medical marijuana patient in new york state is speaking out. the 27-year-old was joined by members of the medical staff at the health dispensary in white plains, one of the first legal dispensaries to open its doors. brittany was the first in line to receive medical cannabis for her stage 4 ovarian cancer. she is not a candidate for surgery. >> well, i start my morning by taking anywhere between 10 and 15 pills to get out of bed in the morning. i ended up here because i'm tired of taking pills. steve: brittany says she's able to take a smaller amount of pain medication since receiving the medical marijuana.
5:43 pm
a new case of zeka virus had been announced in the u.s. dari: dr. manny is here to remind us what the zika virus is. >> it is a virus in the family of dengue yellow fever. it is transmitted by a very common type of mosquito. it is found since it's been around since the '50s, but it's in the upswing in places like latin america and very warm weather. and now it's moving up north. we're seeing cases more and more of this zika virus. it gives the same ailments with dengue. malaise, low fever, joint pain, that kind of thing. but with zika, if you're pregnant, there's a probability you can have a congenital malformation because it gets transmitted through the placenta into the child, and one of the
5:44 pm
is create something called microcephaly where the brain and head is smaller for size and it has severe neurodevelopmental problems. steve: the person was bitten overseas. any way to spread it -- >> it's supposed to be transmitted with a mosquito bite. however, there's a couple of anecdotal reports that say that you can allegedly get it through intercourse if you're infected. person to person. that's an allegation. but right now, it is coming and we have to be very careful. the weather is getting warmer. these mosquitos are coming in airplanes and bags. they're flying through the border and theoretically, we could see more cases of this in the south. dari: everybody who hates winter, don't hate it so much.
5:45 pm
may not need to wait as long after a miscarriage to have a child again. >> this is a common question. natural miscarriages occur in women, mostly for chromosomal reasons. when you lose a pregnancy, the first question you get asked, when can i try again? there is no major consensus. a lot of doctors said wait six months to a year. that's not a very good advice. we know for a fact that if you try to conceive after a miscarriage within the first couple of months, the probabilities of you achieving a positive pregnancy are better. we don't have a lot of reasoning, but i would argue that some of the reasoning is that you already have the flow of hormones from the previous pregnancy, so things are a bit more lucy goosy. therefore the probabilities of you achieving a better pregnancy are real. that's what the study has shown. there you have it. steve: interesting. we're talking about the group trying within three months is
5:46 pm
>> this has been presented before. the europeans were up on this many, many years ago. now the american ob-gyn journal has published this with a large number of cohort patients. something positive. steve: good deal. thank you, dr. manny. dari: ready for this? snow. steve: a little bit of winter. >> ah, snow. it's not going to kill the mosquitos. baby stuff. >> an appetizer. nick: just an appetizer. exactly. so the appetizer sometimes can be quite entertaining, quite good. we are going to be watching for snow showers coming through this evening, potential for a coating to an inch in some places north and west of town. look at this temperature map. you can see 30s to 40s boston to new york today down to washington d.c. westward, a surge of cold air,
5:47 pm
we will get blast of the cold air tomorrow. the rain has ended in the city. we have showers eastern nassau county all the way to the east end. and some snow as you get up towards connecticut. it's behind me where the colder air is moving in where we have a good snow shower line from scranton southward to reading, pennsylvania, moving east at 25, 35 miles an hour. give it two, three hours and we'll see how it holds together. take a look at the satellite movie loop. you can watch the snow shower line come through. it's going up into central new york state. behind it, intermittent snow showers to the west. not so impressive. but it might be enough to give the coating to an inch. as the temperatures drop down, as they have below freezing in sussex to monticello, the roads could get slightly slippery if they don't dry off as the temperature drops below freezing. 37 in new york city right now. 36 to poughkeepsie. still 40s east of town, islip, bridgeport, montauk in the low to middle 40s.
5:48 pm
it backs off off to the west. it will intensify into tomorrow. the wind advisory is posted for the entire area from later tonight until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. winds 15, 20 miles an hour sustained. the gusts could get to 50. that will last into tomorrow morning and gusting into the 40-mile-an-hour range in the early part of the afternoon. take a look at the big picture. we're watching the system slide along with the snow showers coming from the west. the temperatures are cold back to chicago tomorrow. 21. we struggle to freezing. 40s, kansas city. we'll chase the cold air by the end of the week. snow showers come through and clearing tonight. tomorrow, sun and clouds, windy and cold and sun and clouds on thursday as temperatures recover a bit at that point. tonight down to 25 in the city. 15 suburbs. snow showers around. maybe up to an inch. the wind increases 45, 50 miles an hour. windy tomorrow, sun and clouds, 31. 36 thursday. and how about mid 40s friday morning? sun and clouds. rain later at night. rain again on saturday until late afternoon. 46.
5:49 pm
gusty wind on sunday at 38. struggling to stay to freezing monday and tuesday. steve: thank you, nick. dari: a new jersey dentist the proud owner of a powder horn believed to have once been owned by alexander hamilton. it sold for $116,000. the buyer didn't want to be identified. it is inscribed with hamilton's name. he was the first secretary of the treasury and the focus of a wildly outrageously successful hip-hop broadway musical called hamilton. steve: that didn't hurt the value of that. all right. new york cannot claim to be the birthplace of jazz, but it has been influential to the jazz scene as a whole. dari: the city's twelfth annual winter jazz fest kicks off tomorrow downtown and baruch shemtov was there. >> reporter: new york has been a force in the world of jazz. from january 13th through the 17th, you can experience some of
5:50 pm
performing all around the village. this celloist is worm -- warming. she will be at the 12th annual winter jazz fest. >> they support localists and those of us that play with a lot of people, but you may not have heard of our projects. i think they do a beautiful job of supporting independent local artists. >> reporter: with more than 120 groups featuring more than 600 musicians performing on 12 stages, this year's festival promises to satisfy jazz fans and professionals alike. >> it is a manifestation of the community. on any given night, a few of the people are guaranteed to be playing. winter jazz fest is when almost everybody is playing. it's really special because it
5:51 pm
>> reporter: reaffirming new york's influence as the jazz capital of the world. visit for more information. baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. steve: very good. looks good. we'll see you back here at 10:00. dari: after the state of the union. ernie is next with a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> we thank you very much. we're ready for you tonight. a first of its kind state of the union address aimed at getting millennials more interested in politics. a live guest will join me. coming up, new york fire commissioner daniel nigro will talk about what his department faces in 2016. lots to get to. it's all next at 6:00.
5:52 pm
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing,
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business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at ernie: it is tuesday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. we start tonight with president obama's last state of the union
5:55 pm
in other ways. not only is the president promising a different message, but the white house is introducing new ways to watch. especially young people. mac king joins us from the newsroom. should be a very interesting night. >> reporter: yeah. 50 members plan to answer questions on twitter, but it's the opportunities to follow along before and during the speech that allow viewers more access in more places than likely ever before. the average member of congress in this country is a 57-year-old white male. every american older than 18 gets to vote for or against that congressman or woman and one research company expects the majority of those to stop paying for cable in the next decade. >> i watch internet-based stuff. >> the idea of having a big bundled cable subscription is going away. >> reporter: the mashable chief correspondent cease a future in which we subscribe to individual networks and platforms instead
5:56 pm
perhaps the white house
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